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Florence Train Station

Are there lockers to store luggage in the Florence train station?

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Martha, there are no lockers available at any train/bus station in Italy. However, there may be a baggage check room. They will charge by the hour. this being said, I am afraid I do not know the answer to your specific question, but I did want you to understand there you cannot get a locker!

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That's so odd, because the Rail Europe website at says that the Florence train station has baggage consignment as follows:

Hours: 6 am to midnight
• € 3.80 for the first 5 hours
• € 0.60 for each additional hour from the 6th-12th
• € 0.20 for each additional hour from 12th and on

They also list a phone number of 055/2352190 so maybe you can call and check if they are still offering this service.

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You don't need a locker (and you can't find any in train stations anymore; they're afraid of bombs). At Florence they have luggage check right at the end of the train station. Me and my friend checked luggage there last summer. It isn't very expensive, they give you a ticket and then you return the ticket and pay to get your luggage back.

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Martha, many train stations have baggage storage. They do vary, however. For example, in Assisi, you just leave your baggage on shelves in the store. Not much security. In Pisa, however, storage was behind a counter and they copied your passport picture and attached it. You couldn't get your luggage back without showing your passport (3 Euro per bag). Not sure about Florence.

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THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION. My wife and I are being left off at SMN Stazione and we have about 5 hours before we can get into our apartment. Has anyone done the leave the bags thing this past year? Is it safe? Any help would be great.
David and Marianne

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Yes you can safely check bags (no lockers) as other posters have mentioned - there is a picture of the baggage check here: Firenze SMN

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Just to be on the safe side, I would not leave any valuables (camera, phone etc. or documents with a credit card number on it or a copy of my passport).

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Baggage check counter at Florence SMN is to the left of the tracks as you exit the trains. When I went to claim my luggage back, the guy at the counter brought me the wrong bag, so make sure you keep your luggage check ticket!