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Florence to Siena to Cinque Terre

Does anyone recommend taking a bus from Florence to Siena, staying over and then going onto Cinque Terre from there? If so how do I get from Siena to Cinque Terre? Is there a bus we can take--if so how long?

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I'm doing the exact same trip in July. Here is what I've discovered (having never done it but having checked the schedules pretty thoroughly). It's better to take the bus from Florence to Siena (more direct). Then the trip from Siena to CT is just not going to be direct. I think we are going to take the train to Empoli then maybe to Pisa then to Monterosso. I've got 3 adults and 3 kids 4-9 in my party, so it seems like a lot of train chaning but I can't seem to find any other way. If anyone has any better option, I would love to hear it.

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Leigh, the bus back and forth from Siena to Florence is fantastic: clean, fast, and convenient.

When we visited Cinque Terre we drove....and got to see some wonderful scenery.

Don't be afraid to drive in Italy. Check the rates at AutoEurope, and Europcar.

Have fun!