Florence to Siena bus schedule in English

I haved look thru old posts, tried various links, and still I can't seem to get the bus schedule in English...
Help please!

Posted by karren
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They probably have 8-10 trains a day from Florence to Siena. Don't worry. Buy your ticket when you get there. If you miss the train, another will be along shortly. Tickets schedules are posted in the stations.

Posted by Carol
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I checked the Sita website and could only find it in Italian. We took the reverse trip in 2009 and I think we bought our ticket one or two days before we wanted to leave. I don't remember how many buses there are per day. Depending on how many days you will be in Florence, when you get there your hotel can look up the schedule for you and you should be able to buy your ticket ahead of schedule. The bus station is near the Santa Maria Novella train station and is within walking distance of most places in old Florence. If you want to have more info before you go you might try translate.google.com. You can copy and past the phrase there and get an approximate translation. Good luck!

Posted by Jamie
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The bus station is to the left of the train station as you walk out. I have been twice by bus and usually just walk over early in the morning and buy a round trip ticket and leave within the hour. Never bought a bus ticket any earlier. The train station in Siena is below town. Bus drops you right off in center. Once I went by bus and then by train on to Rome. Waiting for a bus to take us to the train station in Siena was a long wait.

Posted by Kent
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Linda, the website you found, is it in English?

Posted by linda
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nope - but it has a big map and obvious places to put the departure and arrival cities (use Italian from map). I couldn't get the sita bus site to even show any schedule at all. It looks like firenze - Siena runs hourly at 10 mins past the hour.... taking 75mins

Posted by linda
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Ron - I hardly believe it :) thanks for the link to the sita schedule. now...if I could only figure out those symbols (just kidding...that's plenty of info to be able to figure out which train to take from Venice to coincide with a bus to Siena) thank you so much do you know what the other busfox site is?
Much easier to use.....

Posted by Ken
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linda, The schedule is on the SITA website, but I believe it's only available as a PDF file. I just downloaded a copy and even in Italian it seems fairly straight forward. Here's the sequence to use: > Click www.fsbusitalia.it > Click "Viagiarre in Toscana" > Click "ORARI Aggiornati" > Click "Orari Linea Firenze-Siena (Scarl Siena Mobilita)" When you access the last link, a window will pop-up for the PDF download. The most recent file appears to be a 2010 version, but this is the only one I've been able to find. Be sure to note the small symbols in the left-hand column which indicate which days of the week the Buses run. If you need further information on these, post another note. Good luck and happy travels! (*Note - I must have been composing my message when Ron posted, so he's provided the same information).

Posted by linda
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thanks to both of you - I think my computer had a problem with the pdf - or something...all ok now.

Posted by Roberto
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Times are expresses in 24hr clock, and numbers are numbers. All you need to know is: FERIALI = WORKING DAYS (including Saturdays) (sometimes two crossing hammers symbol) FESTIVI = SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS (sometimes the holy cross symbol) GIORNALIERO = DAILY SABATO = SATURDAY LUNEDI - VENERDI = MON - FRI