Florence Tickets

I have not found anywhere that compares the cost of Florence Card vs. paying as you go that are up to date. Before I go to all the work of cost comparison has any one done this or know where I can find this information? Also what does this cover as far as the buses go and what is that cost?

Posted by Eileen
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Have you been looking at this webpage? By best advice is to look at the list of 60 museums, then search for each one in order to find their own webpage with entry prices, etc. I haven't ever come across a page that has collected all of the individual museums' info. Also, from that page I gave you the link to, click on 'The Card', then click on 'Click here...monthly ...' under Activating the Firenze Card - this gives you an on each museums opening hours...they can get pretty wacky, unfortunately. (Ah... here is an OLD article on the card, but it does list some of the museums and their entry fees from 2 years ago...) If you haven't looked at the Friends of the Uffizi card yet, it may fit your plans better. Sorry; the link doesn't want to post: http://www.amicidegliuffizi.it/diventa_socio.php?pg=8&ln=en