Florence: Terraces of the Cathedral and Dome Tour

We would like to make an advance reservation for the "Terraces of the Cathedral and Dome" tour in July. The official Duomo website (en.duomo.waf.it)indicates that this service is temporarily suspended. Does anyone know if the tour will be available in July? If so, can you advise how to get advance tickets? Thank you!

Posted by Jim
Dallas, Texas, USA
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Melinda, I've learned to ask my Hotel to help me on matters such as these.

Posted by Melinda
West Linn, OR, USA
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Good suggestion. However, I did ask that question of our hotel. They indicated that the tour is "not available at the moment." I suppose I'm really wondering if the tour will resume for the summer months. I've been checking the official website for the last several months and is still says the same thing: "service temporarily suspended." I'll keep checking. Thanks for the reply.