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Florence Perfumery

Has anyone purchsed any purfume from the perfumery located near the church of Santa Maria Novella? I was wondering how expensive it is.

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Not perfume but body products - soaps, bath gel and lotion. I thought the prices were OK, more than regular brand products, but considering the 'uniqueness' of them, I was happy to pay.

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Perfumes are quite expensive around 50 Euros bottle, and really good perfume are made for the men, for the women I think there can be find good taste but in my opinion only for (+40) women, I think the best women perfume there is "Angels of Florence". Btw most of the perfumes are in the bottle without pump.

Body products are much cheaper, and good, as for example soap package with two soaps for less than 10 Euro.

Here is some information about Pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella

Hope it helps.

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Just got back from our trip and vising the Perfumery was worth the while. I managed a purchase or two, including some lovely soaps and potpourri. Lots of other items, incl. teas, lotions. etc. The architecture itself and interior are worth the visit.

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It was beautiful and breathtaking and everything smelled divine. But buying two small bars of soap for 20 euros was steep. I promised my husband I will use and enjoy them, it was a special treat.

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I purchased some soaps as they were least expensive. Definitely worth a short visit as the building itself is lovely. I was disappointed to find they have outposts around the world including in Los Angeles so it wasn't quite as unique as I had hoped but still worth the visit.