Florence parking outside city

Ok, it's clear that I don't want to go anywhere near the center of Florence, so where to park my rental car for two nights safely? Trying to avoid thieves, vandals and traffic tickets at a reasonable overnight price. We don't mind waking, traming, or busing- our apartment is near train station. I've been thinking about Galluzzo, but not sure of safety. I've read all kinds of posts on this but have no clear decision!

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Near the station where? that's too vague. Give address.
Parking lot at Fortezza da Basso is likely the best choice without more detail. Galluzzo is way Too far.

Posted by Barb
Winchester, Va, USA
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That's just it, I want to park well outside city to stay away from traffic issues and high prices. I'm just looking for a safe overnight area. Now leaning towards Scandicci area where tram goes. Thanks for any help!