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Florence or Rome for Christmas week?

Family of 3 adults traveling to Italy for end of December and trying to decide order of our trip and where to spend Christmas and possibly New Years. We should have approximately 2 - 3 weeks and we plan to stay in Rome and Florence and possibly a third location like Bologna and then do daytrips. Have been to Italy before and spent a previous Christmas in Venice. Open to all suggestions. Would luv to find some concerts, or holiday markets and/or events to attend. We are city people and usually prefer museums, castles, and historical sites etc more than scenery hiking trips and we aren't party people and dislike crowds. I know, disliking crowds is tricky in touristy areas but we try. Would appreciate any and all advise. Especially, on where to actually spend the holidays and hence whether our trip would start in Rome and head north or visa versa. Also open to other suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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Since you haven't a reply yet, I will offer some scant opinions. First, 3 weeks is a long time in December's shorter days so you need to have researched your interests well. In my opinion, spending a whole week in Florence would need several side trips. There are cities in Italy that promote themselves for Christmas, so keep investigating. Trento for one is well-known for its Xmas markets and related events, and nearby Verona has a NataleIn Arena festival in and around Piazza Bra..

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If you'e really into art museums, as we are, we'd be fine for 3 weeks in Florence with a few day trips, maybe one to Rome if you're not flying there.I've never been in Dec, so don't know about Christmas stuff. I've always read that Naples has great Nativitiy scenes and it would be somewhat warmer.

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Spent a Christmas in Florence. Wasn’t all that Christmasy. Do remember watching It’s a Wonderful Life dubbed in Italian on Tv on Christmas Eve.

I’d opt for Rome.

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I was in Rome on Christmas Day 2.5 years ago. There just wasn't much open. However, there were plenty of people on the streets and some shops open in the Jewish ghetto area, and the restaurants in that neighborhood were full. Friend and I had reservations (thank goodness!) for a noon meal at a restaurant in that neighborhood. We also discovered that the day after Christmas is quite a holiday in Italy, also, with many shops and sights closed or with limited hours.