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Florence--Medici Chapels and San Lorenzo Church

I'm a bit confused. Are the Medici Chapels and the San Lorenzo Church the same? Rick recommends the chapels but barely mentions the church. Yet the church appears to be a major one.

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The Medici Chapels are inside San Lorenzo.

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Definitely worth seeing. San Lorenzo is deceptively large with the add-ons. It was never faced with finishing stone so it looks rather ugly from the outside. But inside....

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The Medici Chapel is attached to the backside of the church with its' own separate entrance and tickets. San Lorenzo sells tickets for the church and its' cloisters.

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San Lorenzo Church is amazing. As one of the others say it's rather dreary on the outside but very imposing on the inside. The Medici chapels are well worth the visit. The sculptures are just incredible. I went a long time ago but I got into the chapels through the church but maybe things have changed.