florence Hotels - Urgent to Book Fast?

I am searching hotels.com and other hotel websites. It seems that hotels in Italy book up fast. We are traveling mid-June 2014-Mid July 2014. Do I need to step on the gas in making my travel plans for Italy? Are there some direct hotel websites where I can book directly that are not listed on major hotel booking system? Hotel Accademia is not even a possibility. Completely booked! Harder to find hotels for family of 3.

Posted by Linda
Shelby, North Caro, USA
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We visited last July. I booked hotels in Rome, Naples, Florence and Venice in February. Also got tickets then also

Posted by Ellen
Centennial, CO, USA
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Are you sure they are booked, or just not yet available to book? It seems pretty far out for hotel to be fully booked up more than a year in advance... We've used Bookit.com and Venere.com to book hotels in Italy. Both are great. Decide how many stars you want, I usually go for max of 3 and look at photos (they can be deceiving though...) Read reviews of hotels before you book, but read lots of reviews, not just the first 2-3 and check for the most recent ones. There are always those reviews where someone is really upset because the hotel didn't match "their" standards (read that as US style hotel-huge room, huge breakfast with US style foods) There are a ton of great hotels in Italy...you don't have to stick with RS's recommendations.....

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Ellen is correct. Much too far out to be filled. I would try closer to the six month mark. Americans expect a high level of customer service, prompt responses, etc., where that may not always be the same with European businesses. Triples should be easy to find.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Too far in advance for 2014. No need to book that fast. Some hotels may be sold out, but you can always find rooms somewhere in the city, even the same day. It may not be one of the hotels Rick Steves recommends in his books, but others will be available of equivalent or better value. There are hundreds of hotels in Florence, many better than those suggested in his books.

Posted by Barb
Central Florida
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Thanks to all! I feel better about this topic. I appreciate the other hotel booking websites as well. Looks like we have some reasonable options in the $150 - $200 a night category. I am going to wait until September to book for next Summer. --- Barb

Posted by Janet
Maple Grove, MN
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You have plenty of time to book your accommodations for next summer. Do try Hotel Accademia again as I am sure it is just too early now. My niece, sister, and I stayed here 2 nights in Oct. 2011 on a wkend trip from Rome in a nice-sized triple room. Great location and minutes from the train station and a few steps from the Medici Chapels. How many nights accomodations do you need here? Have you thought of renting an apt? Rented one in the Oltrarno neighborhood in 2009 for 5 nights and am renting one this summer for 5 nights on a girl's trip to Italy. Many places require a minimum stay of 3 nights. Have fun planning as that is half the fun!

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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Many hotels don't have prices set yet for next summer. I booked hotels in February for May, June and July, and found plenty of options - some of which had not been available two months earlier.

Posted by Carla
Lafayette, CO, US
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And DO contact the individual B&B's by email ! Don't book on hotels.com. Read about lodging on these sites, but when you contact ANY directly,you get a real feel for the owners and begin a wonderful relationship with the family/owners you are staying with !

Posted by Liz
Camano Island, WA, USA
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We are about to leave for Italy, for a month visit...ahhh! But we have booked a lot of VRBO spots (Vacation Rental By Owner), which have been easy and affordable. Then you get an apartment/home.