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Hi everyone, We are travelling with our children (ages 14 and 16) to Florence next month and we are thinking of purchasing the Firenze Card. I see that many of the museums do not charge for those under 18 yrs. However, on the Firenze Card website, it states that only children under 18 yr olds from EU countries can get in without purchasing a card if they travel with a parent with the card. Does anyone have experience with this? If we both have the card and our children do not, will we have to wait in the normal lines to get our kids in? I appreciate any help you can provide! Kim

Posted by Ellen
Centennial, CO, USA
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Just FYI, I've been considering buying the Firenze Card and have decided not to do that. It's now $93 (at today's exchange rate). For the 3-5 places we plan to see it's NOT worth the expense. we aren't going to spend 3 days "inside" in Florence, there is plenty to see outside and around town and there is free stuff as well. Just saying...... How many places do you plan to cover with the card? I did the math and have decided against this purchase. When it was 52E, we were going to do it, now it's not worth the money. Unless you are going to try to get to a 8-10 of sights, use the bus and the internet, reconsider this purchase.

Posted by Lan
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We were in Florence two weeks ago and have purchased "Friends of Uffizi" membership. It costs 100 Euro for a family with 2 kids, like yours. I understand that some State museums give free admission to kids under 18 (american kids included) but I don't know which one do. I do know for sure that The Academia do not give free admissions to non EU kids as they have a sign posted at the entrance. Personally I think "Friends of Uffizi" is a good deal.

Posted by Kim
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Thanks Lan and Ellen, I will look into the "Friends of Uffizi" to see what it includes. Thanks for the advice!!