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Florence airport

We are flying out of Florence on a very early Sunday morning flight (6:30 am). We need to drop our car on Saturday at the rental office since they are not open until later on sunday (after we fly out, eg). Our hotel shuttle service to the airport does not begin until 8:30 am on Sunday so as of now we have no way to get from the hotel to the airport early Sunday. Other than trying to arrange tor multiple taxis for 4 am or so, does anyone have any other suggestions. It is our entire family of 12 that needs transport so any experiences anyone may be able to offer would be most appreciated. Thanks. Bill

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What kind of car did you rent for 12 people? It must be a bus.
First of all there is no need to go to the airport that early. I've taken 6:30 flights all the time from FLR and I never get there before05:15. The airport opens at 05:00. You'll be waiting for staff to arrive if you go earlier. The airport is 20 min max from anywhere in the city center at that time when there is no traffic. Your hotel can arrange you transportation. Obviously one taxi won't be enough. It could be 2 vans or 3 cars. If it's a regular city taxi, At that time in the morning there is a night surcharge over the city imposed €20 flat fee. Add also €1 per luggage piece in the trunk. I've never paid more than €28, all inclusive (and I generally leave a generous tip of up to €1 to round up to the Euro). That would be the price for each taxi cab, you will need 3.
The hotel might also arrange a NCC (Noleggio Con Conducente, or car hire with driver). That is the equivalent of a limousine service. They are not subject to the fares imposed by the city, but the fare is pre-negotiated. Those services have vans that hold up to 8 passengers. They are generally slightly more expensive than regular taxis, but they might be a better deal for you because in your case you will need only two of them, instead of 3.
If you want to do your own arrangements online for an NCC there are several companies, but the cheapest way is probably to look at Viator.

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I hope that none of those 12 are infants or children people plan to have on their laps - that is completely illegal, will likely attract a big fine and possible loss of the car to the police because any insurance would be invalid and the police may impound the car and crush it, would be unsafe for both the child and the other people in the car as they fly around in an accident, and where in the dickens are you going to put the luggage?