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Floods in Venice?


We are planning to visit Venice during end of December. I recently saw that major parts of Venice were flooded. Is this seasonal (I saw last year around the same time, Venice had the worst floods in 20 years, some news articles said). In that case, do you recommend visiting venice at all?

Any advice would help.


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Rajeev - Steve is absolutely correct - Venice does have flooding from time to time - It's better than it used to be BUT it still can happen. That said - please don't miss Venice. There should be no flooding in December - the floods that just took place are already receding and it should be dry for your trip.
In the old days before improvements were made in and around the lagoon you almost always had to walk through Piazza San Marco on tables that were set up - about 3 feet high - nothing that bad now!!

Enjoy, Greg

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Here is an explanation of the causes and effects of the "aqua alta" or high tides.

We were in Venice (late November) when one happened during the night and found, apart from a few puddles in Piazza San Marco the following morning, no evidence that anything untoward had happened.

Unless there is a an unusually high tide you will not be too inconvenienced should one occur when you are there. It is just part of life for the Venitians.