We are arriving at Charles de Gaulle Terminal 2E . We have a connecting flight to Pisa at Terminal G. Does anyone know how far these two terminals are from each other? Can you walk to Terminal G ? Thank you

Posted by Susan
Kamloops, BC, Canada
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The following link will show you the free shuttles available. The #2 (green) goes from Terminal 2F to G, so you'll have some walking to do to get from 2E to F, but that's shorter than trying to walk from E to G. Link: Unfortunatley, I haven't had to travel between those 2 terminals, so am unable to give you a more personalized response.

Posted by Sheron
Alta Loma, CA, USA
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Hi Elsa. We just returned from Italy & flew Air France through CDG/Paris both ways. I had gone on their website in advance & printed out the map of the terminals & determined which terminal we were flying into and out of. We had a tight connection and little time to make it to our next flight so I studied the map. Unfortunately, my advance research didn't work out because they had changed the terminal for one of our flights & I was told "oh, we don't use that terminal anymore" referring to the one that I thought we were going to fly out of. So, my point is, before you land in Paris, ask a flight attendant which gate you need to go to & don't automatically assume that you're flying out of Terminal G. They will give you the same map that you can print out on their website but they'll know exactly which terminal you'll need to be at. On our return flight, the flight attendant came to me to let me know what terminal to go to before I could even ask. They know which passengers have connecting flights and what terminal your next flight is departing from. Also, if you have a tight connection & the line at Passport Control is long in Paris, go the front of the line & tell the employee standing there that you have a tight connection. Had I not done this, we would NOT have made our flight to Venice. When we showed the employee our boarding pass, he shuffled us to the next attendant and then we had to run to our gate to make the flight. We were out of breath but luckily we made the flight!! Have a great trip!