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Flight from Naples to Bari

Hi all,

My husband and I will be staying in Bari but our flight lands in Naples so we'll have to take a flight from Naples to Bari, can you recommend an airline?


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You can check for your precise travel date, but at a glance I'd say your chances of finding a non-stop flight are very, very low.

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Skyscanner doesn’t show flights for the date I used. The train from Napoli Centrale takes 5h and requires a transfer. If you can pack light do so because most likely you’ll have to haul your bags down and upstairs.

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The best fight, 1 stop, (no direct flights), is 4. hrs 45 min, via Milan. ( per

Depending when you arrive at NAP, there may be a choice you prefer vs the train.

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Bus from Naples airport to Caserta, runs hourly, duration 31 minutes. Caserta station is not huge, maybe six platforms.
Then train from Caserta to Bari Centrale. Runs five times a day, takes 2 hrs 50 minutes.

The app Rome2rio is really handy for planning.

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There are no direct flights.

Trying to find a flight from Naples to Bari is like trying to find a flight from San Jose (or Oakland) to Sacramento. You can find one, but there will be a layover in Los Angeles or Burbank, and therefore it will take most of the day.

Like in the example I just made, which should be familiar to you since you live in Danville, the best option would be the train: Amtrak Capitol Corridor from the Bay Area to Sacramento, or Trenitalia from Naples to Bari.

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Too late or otherwise bad for your plans to change your flight to land in Rome, then get a flight to Bari? We’ve done that.

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Look at train options instead

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I would also recommend the train on that route. Taking a flight for that short route will take more time and probably be a miserable experience after a long international flight.

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Thank you all for your responses, it's extremely helpful and much appreciated!


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Because you want to travel on New Years Day, please be careful to check what’s running on a holiday. I suspect your options may be limited.