Flight from Dubrovnik

Hi there...can anyone tell me what airlines fly from Dubrovnik to Verona if any? Or what would be the easiest way to travel that route? Thanks!

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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To find airlines between cities, you can use http://www.skyscanner.com/. You can also look at the Wikipedia entry for each airport (of course, this is not always 100% accurate). And remember that not all routes are flown every day (some are as infrequent as once a week). Finally, if you can't get a flight to Verona, remember that Venice, Bergamo, and Parma also have airports (I believe Ryanair uses Bergamo a lot).

Posted by Sharon
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Also look at traveling to Venice, Milan, or Bologna and taking a train to Verona. If Split is an option, you might have more travel connections from there. Another resource is www.whichbudget.com

Posted by Agnes
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Hi Eric, have you ever visited the Distant Lands bookstore in Pasadena? It's amazing - check it out. As far as your question is concerned, it's cheaper to fly into/out of Split. And very easy to get between Split and Dubrovnik by bus - they run all the time and are very nice (journey does take about 4-4.5 hours but it's a gorgeous coastline route).

Posted by Eric
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Well put the speed back in my step! Thanks to all three replies...i doubt i could go wrong at this point. The bus ride does sound cool...and a stop to revisit the ol' canals might be kinda nice. Ill try it...many thanks!!

Posted by Roberto
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Most flights out of DBV are seasonal. In any case, Croatia Airlines flies from DBV to FCO (Croatia Airlines is partner with Alitalia, which flies to Verona). Croatia also flies seasonally to VCE, which is not far from VR.
EasyJet has seasonal flights to MXP.