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Flight cancellation with American Airlines

Me and my wife payed in January for our American Airlines flights to Italy in mid-June arriving and leaving Venice. I don’t think they have included our dates into the Coronavirus cancellation yet so I’m not sure what to do yet? We already paid for our two stays in different agriturismo’s as well. Any advice would be great? Thanks Charles

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Sit tight. There's no hurry. They are slammed, phones busy. Your flights are a long, long ways out in COVID-years (heck, next week is a long time from now, never mind mid-June).

The window for free changes/cancellation will open soon enough. I'd sit tight until April, and try then. Be prepared to wait on hold a long time.

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We were headed on American April 20th to May 14th. Now that our fights have been cancelled we called yesterday and we are getting a full refund from American. Your flights most likely will be cancelled soon, so I would wait a bit yet. All of our hotel and scheduled tours have been understanding. Our nonrefundable hotels have offered us vouchers, so we definitely will return to Italy when we can. Just wait a bit. I hope it all works out and you can return to Italy in the near future.

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We have flights with AA to, but not till October. We’re just in a wait and see now. Probably July/ August a decision will be made to go or not either by us or the government!

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We canceled online and received our refunds the next day. Our trip was complicated since we travel with a guide dog and break up the trip going from the West to the East Coast and then to Europe. The 4/24 leg from JFK to FCO was the only flight canceled. I expected a refund for the Europe flights, but not for the domestic flights getting to JFK as they were booked separately. I applied for the refund under extenuating circumstances since the domestic flights were for the purpose of going to Europe. We received the credit to our credit card the next day. Needless to say I was impressed and grateful.

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Has American only cancelled flights to Italy? We have flights on American from Boston to Marseille on April 10. I have not heard from American that our flights are cancelled. I booked through Expedia, but haven’t heard anything from them yet, either. Their website instructs us to wait until 72 hours before departure date. But I am surprised I haven’t heard from American yet that they are cancelling the flights.

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If you booked through Expedia, you need to contact them and not American Airlines. That's what the AA website says to do.

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We ended up just getting a extended credit for the total amount we paid that is good until December 31 2021. Which I thought was fair and we feel pretty confident that we will be ok traveling by next year.

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For all flights involving either the US or European Union, you are entitled to a refund if the airline cancels the flight (w/o a close substitute). So don't cancel your flight, wait for the airline to do it. They may offer you a voucher, but if you take it you will likely lose your right to a refund. We had a TAP Air Portugal flight cancelled and they only offered a voucher. We disputed the credit card charge and received a chargeback.