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first trip to Italy

Starting to plan a trip to Italy next year. I know I won't be able to see all of it in the alloted time. I also don't want to limit myself or rather rush the trip. Will start out in paris
How does this look so far
paris 1 night
Venice 3 nights
florence 3 nights
Sorento/amalfi 3 nights
Rome 4 nights
paris 3 nights


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Will you be flying Paris to Venice and then back to Paris from Rome?
Then it would make sense. You would spend alot of time in train travel otherwise unless you plan to use overnight trains.
We are flying In Sept to Paris and change plane for Rome. Doing Italy and finishing in Venice. We will then fly home from Venice though Paris.
We are using Reward Point for the airfare and had to fly though Paris to use them.
We are savinig visiting Paris for another trip when we plan to spend time in France.

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I'm sorry, but if you're wanting to see Italy, why are you flying into Paris?

The itinerary you list is very ambitious. I don't think it's realistic starting and ending in Paris and even in Italy you're pushing it.

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Blue: Why not just fly in to Venice and out of Paris? "Open Jaw" I believe it's called...
It sometimes costs a bit more, but not after you factor in the travel costs to get from Paris to Venice, which is where you apparently want to start your trip.
Use the "multi-destination" flight search on the Airline websites... We are flying in to Florence and out of Rome after 14 days of traveling around inside Italy.

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I agree with Jayne. We are flying to Venice in Sept. and out of Paris 3 weeks later. Flying from Milan to Paris on EasyJet. Saves time and really doesn't cost much more.

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I agree with the other posters who have said that you will probably want to fly "open jaw", say, into Rome and out of Paris. My experience has been that open jaw travel adds relatively little to your airfare and saves the large amount of time and money for you to try to start and end in Paris.