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First Trip to Europe - Travel suggestions

Hello everyone! My name is Sai Karthik. I am a PhD student in USA. I will be attending a conference in Denmark in August and I plan to visit Italy for a couple of days after my conference. I will be travelling alone and this is my first ever trip to Europe. Can someone please suggest some good places in Italy for 2 days? I like beaches, waterfalls and mountains. I would love to participate in any active group events (like dancing) during my visit. After 2 days, i will be visiting a friend in Poland for the next few days and fly to US from Poland.
Also, if anyone can provide any info on travel blogs for solo travelers (to join an already existing group), on budget friendly accommodations or any other tour suggestions, I would greatly appreciate that.
Thank you so much in advance!

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Keep in mind that Italy in August will be very hot, and most of Italy goes on vacation in the month of August so places like beaches and mountains will be crowded. SAS has nonstops to Venice, but not every day. LOT has nonstops to Warsaw from Venice, also not everyday.

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sgade2 welcome. Just to put things in perspective, you're talking about two days to visit a whole country. the size of California. Most of your time will be filled up just getting from one place to another. Maybe you have time for one city, one tour, but not much else realistically.