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First-timer's trip to Florence-Tuscany-Sicily-Corsica HELP with Itinerary

My husband and I are traveling from DC to Florence (then onto Tuscany) and then Sicily...with a possible finish in Corsica or Sardinia before heading to Paris to round out our trip. Long story, but we need to begin and end our trip by traveling through France. (Proposed itinerary below).

Nothing's been purchased yet, but the big flights that make the most sense are IAD>FLR and then onto Catania, Sicily.

I'm tracking flights from IAD>FLR>CAT but we've only been to Rome in Italy, so we're not sure where to start. My husband's not so interested in Florence (he wants to be out in the countryside), so I'm limiting to three days. Better to stay in Florence a couple more days and do day trips to places like Siena, Lucca, etc?

For Tuscany (or even Umbria), I'm at a bit of a loss. We want to see the countryside, vineyards, Val d'Orcia. We tend to do long trips like this in France, but we're realizing we get tired out with all the moving (going from one Airbnb to another). So we're hoping to limit our home bases as much as possible. Thinking of agriturismos in Tuscany and even Sicily. My plan is to be car-free in Florence and then when we head out to Tuscany/Umbria to rent a car.

Sicily. No clue. Been combing this forum and others. I think I have a rough plan...but would love some of of the opinions of the experienced Italy travelers. We will be renting a car there.

Lastly, we're thinking of hitting either Corsica or Sardinia (or even Malta) for about four days. My husband is French, and having heard tales of Corsica, he wants to see it...but from what I've read, I'm not sure it's worth it. Lastly, beaches. I'd be fine tooling around all of the cities and towns and churches, but my husband is dying for a beach. We opted for Sicily and Italy over Greek Islands, thinking Greece might be more overrun with tourists than Sicily in Aug. I know we're not going at the best time to have an authentic experience...but this is the only time we're able to do it. I'd be so appreciative for some feedback. Thanks all!!

8/8: Arrive Florence 11:30am
8/9-8/11: Florence
8/11 Rent a car-head to Tuscany Stay--Where?
8/18 Fly from Florence>Catania, Sicily
8/18-8/21: Planning to do as much as possible. Thinking maybe for the West Coast attractions to visit Taormina, Siracusa, Noto, Ragusa and down to Marzamemi beach. But what's the best place to stay to hit all of these places?
8/21-8/25: Stay in Palermo as a base and visit Cefalu, Segesta, Marsala, Selinunte and Agrigento.
8/25: Fly to Corsica or Sardinia
8/25-8/29 Corsica or Sardinia
8/29-9/2 Paris

Thank you all for your help. This forum has the best travelers and feedback. Excited to see what your suggestions are!

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