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first summer travel to italy, we need help

how hot will italy (venice,florence,rome) be in ealy august?any suggestion in keeping cool with in budget? i known lines can be long, are the venice orange card,rome pass + archeologia card ( is there a florence pass?) worth to purchase, do you purchase before you arrive or purchase at the ti center ok? the doesnot have a 3 day option maybe i missed it,we are traveling w/ a 16 and a 19 y/o any suggestion to keep them interested thru out this trip? i know this alot , but it is our first trip out of the usa. all other suggestions will be grateful.

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It'll be very hot most likely. Make sure to get hotels with A/C - some don't have it!

On your other ?'s, I'll let others answer all those.

Make sure you get Rick's book and follow his advice on all of it. He is the best in my opinion.

You'll love it-have a great trip!

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We travelled to Italy last summer in June when there was a heat wave in Florence.
I suggest breaks for gelato and trying to do the sightseeing in the mornings and evenings and taking a siesta in your A/C hotel room in the afternoons.
Also we had our 19 year old son with us. We have travelled 3 times to Europe with kids at different ages. The best way is to involve them. Try to get them to read a little bit about the art and the history. Give them some leeway. Besides art museums try something different. Florence has a really nice Science museum. Venice had quaint alleyways. Also if they like photography, which my son did, give them a camera so they can take pictures they like. Have them choose the place to eat once in a while where they also get to order for everyone.
Plus try not to pack the itinerary too much.
My son also got a kick out of watching Star Trek and other tv shows dubbed in Italian!

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Randy, I'll be going in a few weeks with a 13-year old, so I'll keep your request in mind. So far, I've been using a book called "Open Road's Italy with Kids" to help me think about alternatives to the standard sights that adults have on their lists. The hotels listed in it are pricey, but if you could get it from your library and flip through it -- better yet, have the kids flip through it -- it gives you some ideas for sightseeing and trip "themes" (e.g., trying to decide the best gelato in all of Italy or the goofiest expression on a marble statue) as well as tips on group rates for admissions, even though it's geared for kids more than teens. I have used Frommers "Irreverent Guides" before and they do have one for Rome. If they haven't been reading them already, your kids would probably enjoy the slightly cynical, slightly counterculturish nature of the commentary.

Also, travelers with teens suggest putting them in charge of video and/or photography.

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I ditto the idea of taking a siesta (reposo) in the middle of the afternoon sun. A nice afternnon nap/rest and a cool shower will refresh you for an evening of sightseeing. I was in Rome-Florence-Venice a few weeks ago and it was in the low to mid-80's, too hot for me to be a non-stop sightseer! Resting is a good thing!

Also, duck into a church if you are feeling hot and exhausted by crowds. The churches are a great respite spot; they are cool and quiet. Nice place to sit and rest.