finding breakfast near Campo Fiori?

We are staying at a hotel very near the east end of Campo de Fiori in Rome, and the hotel does not include breakfast. Will it be easy to find breakfast nearby? Any suggestions of specific places to go? This is our first time going to Italy and this is something that is making us nervous. I am traveling with my mom and 12 year-old daughter, and I want to be sure we have a good meal to start the day.
Thanks for any help!

Posted by Tim
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Stepping out your door and into the square you'll see vendor carts everywhere. When we stayed in an apartment in the same area I would go out before the rest of the family got up. There was a great fruit stand and I found another vendor selling cheeses. There was bakery right in the square where lots of people were buy bread and pastries. I guess it depends on what your looking for. If you're looking for a McDonald's type place then I can't help you there...although there is a McDonalds at the Spanish Steps. There will be little bars that open up and sell drinks and croissants and stuff like that where you can stand and eat at the bar or pay a little more and sit at a table. I don't think you'll have any problems. Ask your hotel for breakfast recommendations.

Posted by Dean
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Finding an American style breakfast may be a challenge. Most bars or cafes will offer something like a croissant, coffee and juice. You might want to search for I Dolci di Nonna Vincenza which is a Sicilian pastry shop near Campo de Fiori. Also close by in the Jewish Ghetto is Boccione aka Il Forno del Ghetto which is a kosher bakery. Google "Katie Parla" for more great suggestions for food, drink and other things for Rome.

Posted by Mike
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An American style breakfast is a bit hard to find but there are several good bakeries right around the Campo. (I really liked Forno on the campo.) Staying in that area is a super choice as walking to many sites at night is a snap.

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Italy isn't really the place for big, filling breakfasts. It's usually just coffee and a small pastry, with more emphasis placed on lunch later in the day. I recommend you pack a few discreet snacks (DESPAR on Largo Argentina has a lot of little packages of peanuts, cashews, trail mix, pretzels, etc.) to keep your group's energy up between breakfast and lunch. But if you ARE looking for a light Italian 'breakfast,' I recommend you try Al Biscione right off the Campo. If you're standing at the south end of the Campo (facing away from the statue of Giordano Bruno's back) and looking toward the little theater with the big FARNESE sign, head southeast (left!) down the little street that branches off diagonally. Al Biscione is the cafe right head of you, behind the bike rental station. You might also consider going to Caffe Sant'Eustachio (a 2-3 min walk from the Campo) on Piazza di Sant'Eustachio. Seriously excellent cappuccini... but if you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for your coffee, just drink it standing up at the bar like a 'normal' person. Caffe Tazza D'oro right of Piazza della Rotunda is famous for its coffee, too, and it's probably a 5-6 min walk from the Campo. If your daughter likes pastries, she will probably flip for the cornetto alla crema. Custard filled croissant... oh my goodness. At twelve years old, I would have thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Posted by Christine
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This is perfect! Thanks for the great information, I am feeling much better about this. I think some pastries and fruit are going to be perfect, with a cappucino too. And those cream-filled croissants sound amazing! I can't wait :)

Posted by mina
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thanks I too will be in this area beginning of July with 2 teenage boys who are looking forward for some espresso/pastries. I will jot these place down.