Finalized Itinerary

This was our original itinerary for our 15 nights in Italy
Land in Milan and take train to Venice
2 nights in Venice
then to Florence by train
4 nights in Florence (take side trip to Pisa 1 day)
take train to Rome
4 nights in Rome (take side trip to Pompeii)
take train to Orvieto
3 nights Orvieto (side trip to Civita di Bagnoregio)
take train to Assisi
1 night Assisi
take train to Milan
1 night Milan
fly home in the morning

Thanks to all of your comments, lots of research and studying of train schedules and times I think we came up with an itinerary that gives us a little of everything we are l looking for while minimizing the time spent on the train

Arrive in Milan 8:30 am and take the fast train to Rome
4 nights in Rome (with a day trip to Pomelli)
train to Orvieto
2 nights in Orvieto
train to Assisi
2 nights in Assisi
train to Florence
3 nights in Florence (1 day trip someplace not sure where)
train to Venice
3 nights Venice
train to Milan early in morning
1 night Milan

thoughts anyone?

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Your latest Itinerary looks quite reasonable. You've avoided any one night stops except for the final night in Milan, which is good. I'm assuming you've already bought your air tickets, which is the reason you can't use open-jaw flights?

Have you worked out which sights you're going to be seeing in each location? You might find it helpful to have a look at the Italy guidebook, as there's an enormous amount of information there on the sights, opening & closing times, which days they're closed, admission prices, etc. There's also reliable restaurant suggestions and lots of other items.

One popular day trip from Florence is to travel by Bus to Siena, as the trip is only about an hour each way. The Bus drops passengers in the main part of town rather than at the bottom of the hill where the rail station is located, so that's an advantage. At that time of year, you could also consider Lucca.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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I may have missed it in your earlier postings. Why are you not flying into Rome and home from Milan? That would be more convenient and cheaper.

Posted by Sethro
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Frank, We were able to get roundtrip, non-stop air from New York to Milan for only $650.00. That is over 350.00 per person less expensive than anything else I found and trust me I spent a lot of time searching air. I know it is not ideal but we already have purchased the tickets so it is what it is