fierenze card (Florence)

How can I reserve times for museum entry using a Fierenze card that I won't purchase until I get to Florence? How early do I need to make my reservations? I am traveling in September.

Posted by Laura B
San Francisco
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We had a Firenze card last October and I don't remember needing any reservations -- just walked up to the short line for cardholders. That's the beauty of the card.

Posted by Cat
Paia, HI, USA
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Hi Claudia, My experience was like Laura's. with the card, you go to the "reservations" line, or walk right up to the front if you don't see a reservation line, and are admitted (basically cutting the line). We didn't make reservations for anything, and the only place we waited was at the Uffizi Gallery, for about 15 minutes (compared to the 2.5 hour lines).
Have a great trip!

Posted by George
Independence, KS, USA
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If we buy the Firenze card online and get the voucher emailed to us, where is the best place to take the voucher to get the actual card. We will arrive at SMN train station and hope to pick up the card there. Will we save any time by having the voucher and avoid any long lines?

Posted by claudia
bellingham, WA, United States
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Grazie for the very informative responses to my question! And, thank you Rick Steves for the forum! I love this website!

Posted by Janet
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FYIJust returned from Italy last week which included a visit to Florence. The Firenze Card is now 72 Euros, up from the 50 Euros listed in the 2013 Florence book. I guess it now includes several duomo related sights. Have been to Florence a number of times and thought at 50 Euros we would get the F. card but when we found out the price was up to 72 Euros we decided against it. I would go through and add up the admission costs to what you want to see and decide if the card is really worth it for you.

Posted by Janet
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I wouldn't bother purchasing the F. card prior to leaving home. There are many places you can buy it. The ticket office in the Palazzo Vecchio on Piazza Signoria sells the card and had no line in the evening when we bought our tickets for the palazzo and belvedere walk.