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Few train options between Venice and Verona

I am travelling from Venice to Munich in early July. The direct EuroCity train "Tiepolo" leaves later than i would like to leave. I have checked train connections before and you were able to go from Venice to Verona and then from Verona to Munich with many options.

Now it seems the connections between Venice and Verona are now slim to none. There is a train from Venice Mestre which gets me to Verona at 9:30 and then i have a 2.5 hour wait for the next Verona-Munich EuroCity train. I have checked both the Trenitalia website and the DB website.

Has this route really been downgraded in service that much? Are there buses from Venice to Verona?

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I don't think that the trenitalia FULL schedule is loaded that far out. Try looking for the same day of the week earlier and you will see several options. I think that those will most likely be similar in July.

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Hi Bart,
we stayed in Padua (Padova) last November, and caught trains from there to both Venice and Verona. there seemed to be plenty of choice. Maybe the way to do it would be Venice to Padua, Padua to Verona?

That's just a suggestion. I'm sure one of the folk who know a lot about Italian trains will be along with a well-informed answer soon.

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Timetables throughout Europe change twice a year (June and December). The next ones will go into effect around 14 June. Trenitalia is usually slow about loading them.

However, you should be able to see the full timetables for any date you enter between today and early June. The new ones not likely to change by more than a few minutes, if at all.

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When in July are you going to be travelling and at what time of day? There are usually lots of trains on the Venice-Munich route, so you should have lots of choices.

For example, using the DB website and an arbitrary date in July there's a direct train departing Venezia S.L. at 13:20, arriving Munchen Hbf at 20:27 (time 7H:07M, no changes, compulsory reservation, runs daily). There's also a direct night train departing at 22:51.

Happy travels!

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Hi. I am new to this forum. I have a similar question. I am travelling to venice this summer in late June. I want to travel by train from Venice to Verona on the 29th June but on the trenitalia website I can just see two trains for the whole of the day and that too not on the times I want (early morning). The earlier dates however have many options like if I check for next week or next month. Is it the normal procedure not to update the schedule that far out???


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sarah - Yes as stated above the schedules change in mid June and even then Trenitalia is a bit slow at loading the new schedules.

So just pick the same day of the week as your desired travel date but look about a week or so out. The nummber and times of the trains will be about the same.