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Ferrari Museum

This is our first trip to Italy, and my husband is determined to stop at the Ferrari Museum. How do we get there? Is it worth it?

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I've never been there, but it seems to be popular with car nuts. Kent provide links to earlier discussions here and you could get more on Tripadvisor. It's outside of Modena, Italy. It may be reachable by local bus but it's probably better to have a car. If he wants to go there it's in a part of Italy that is famous for its food - Parma is nearby and so is Bologna. So stopping there for a night between Venice and Florence wouldn't be a bad idea - if you can spare that day in your itinerary and you have a car.

Here's a link to the museum's English website which has directions.

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My husband and I spent a night in Maranello and visited the museum last October. I thought it was great even though we really went there for him. We stayed at Hotel Planet. It was very nice and not too expensive. It was close to the museum and we walked there from the hotel. We were on our way from the Piedmont to Tuscany.