FAQ's: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started planning my trip?
A: A good starting point is Rick's general travel-skills handbook, "Europe Through the Back Door." Many of your questions about specific countries/cities are answered in Rick's travel guides. Or, see Rick's online planning materials.

Euros? How do I get euros on my trip?
A: From ATM's - Rick explains why: Money Travel Tips

Packing: How do I pack for my trip?
A: Rick on Packing Light and also Rick's Packing List

Weather? What's the weather going to be?
A: We don't know more than a week out but this travel planner for weather might help.

Electrical Adapters? Do I need a voltage converter or just plug adapters?
A: Make sure your electronics have built-in 110/220-volt converters. If so, you just need adapters. If not, you need a voltage converter.

Transportation? How do I get from Destination A to B?
A: Get started with Rick's travel tips, train schedules, maps for driving or general planning, and flight search within Europe.

How do I search this site for previous discussions of the question I have?
A: Use our "Search" bar at the top of the website!

Posted by cm
3 posts

Please tell me where I can find all of the wonderful reviews/tips that others have given over the past years regarding agriturismos in Italy. Surely that treasure trove of information has not been deleted, or hidden from view. There were hundreds of comments from Rick Steves' fans who took the time to post their reviews. I cannot believe that the webmaster would decide to toss those away. I have searched but cannot find the information that used to be on Graffiti Wall in a special section for agriturismos in Italy.

I hope the webmaster will figure out a way to bring all of that information into the new structure of the forum, as well as other sections of the Graffiti Wall that are now difficult/impossible to find.

Posted by donna
roswell, ga, usa
994 posts

What do the symbols to the left of posters' names mean? Arrow/Star, etc.? Thanks.