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Extra Days in Tuscany

My husband and I had an absolutely wonderful stay at Agriturismo Cretiaole, near Pienza, a few years ago and are returning next Sept. Along with our week at Cretiaole, we plan on spending 3 days in Florence and 3 or 4 days somewhere else in Tuscany. We'll be picking up our car and dropping it off in Chiusi, so we were thinking of somewhere in reasonable driving distance from there. Any recommendations of towns and/or places to stay would be appreciated. Also any thoughts on Assisi,Orvieto,Civita, Lucca and Volterra. They are some of the places that looked like possibilities. Thanks!

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I love, love, love Lucca. Great city. Flat, easy to get around. Love walking on the walls. Had a picnic up there last time I was there. Bought my favorite leather purse at a great shop there. Puccini's hometown. HIs works are performed at a church there nightly by students. Stay within the walls to enjoy the town to its best advantage. Let me know if you need hotel or restaurant recommendation should you chose the great town.

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I think Civita di Bagnoregio is a bit too small to be a multi-day base; I'd choose one of your other options. Orvieto has a lot more actual sights. Assisi and Lucca are both lovely. Can't speak to Volterra, but I know others here have mentioned enjoying it.

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It looks like you've got two different experiences already planned. What kind of experience are you looking for to compliment the agriturismo and Florence stays?

Volterra is lovely. It would provide a look into life in a smaller town. If you so desired, you could do a day trip to San Gimignano.

We did San Gimignano in the morning and Volterra in the afternoon. They are 40 minutes apart. One of the most magical experiences we had while in Tuscany is watching the sunset from just outside the city walls. The light was that magical Tuscan light that lit up the town. My wallpaper photo on my iPhone and iPad is one I took of Volterra.

The only other town you mentioned that I've visited was Assisi, but that was in 1966!

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Assisi, Orvieto and Civita are in Umbria, which would be a nice region to spend some time after Tuscany (Pienza and Firenze).

Lucca would be my first choice in Tuscany, but over all I would recommend Assisi. Several small towns to daytrip nearby (Spello, Trevi are just a few kilometers away).

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I can't say enough good things about Orvieto. But it is a bit crowded with tourists. Judging from this forum, Lucca must be almost as crowded by now (We went to Lucca in 1989, by train from Florence or Reggio Emilia, I forget.) I would suggest that Orivieto has a bit more art and culture than Lucca, Lucca probably has a better passeggiata and hiking options.

Near Chiusi, I would mention Cortona and Castiglione del Lago (very different from each other.) I would add that Aviognesi's fine dining restaurant tasting was a highlight of our 2016 trip. We don't care to sleep inside a town that is deserted at night. Our rural luxury resort (Locanda dall Amorosa) was perhaps dull at night, but we chose to eat our big meal at lunch and go to bed early. We miss lots of good meals by refusing to wait for places to open at 8, I'm sure!

We didn't sleep in Cortona, but I got the idea that it might be a good compromise between [too touristy] and [deserted and dull at night.] Despite its small size, not an easy-parking place in high season. Highlight: Fra Angelico "Annunciation".

Have you considered Arezzo or Assisi? (Haven't been there yet.)