Exploring cinque terre

Traveling from florence to spend three days hiking the cinque terre - any suggestions on the best place to stay? ideally would like to use one place for our base of operations - we aren't planning on using a car - thanks!

Posted by Kaz
Santa Clarita, CA, USA
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Beth, Regardless of which Cinque Terre town you stay in, it will give you easy access to the others. Hiking between the different towns is definitely worth it! I stayed in Vernazza and loved it! The people were great, it had great restaurants and spectacular views! This town forced me to slow down my itinerary and just enjoy the beauty. In Vernazza, I stayed at Gianni Franzi and I am glad that I did! Each of their rooms are different, but most have great views. My room happened to overlook the main Square. The room was clean and the service was great. I would definitely stay there again. Note: Book your accommodations as early as possible, for they do fill up fast. The Cinque Terre is awesome! Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Maryam
Washington, DC
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We stayed at the same place as the previous poster, and would recommend it. The rooms were great, up lots and lots of stairs (pack light!), and with great cliff hanging views. Not sure when you are going, but only one of the trails was open when we were there (last week). Hopefully, more will be opening up by the time you get there.