Excursions in Sorrento area

My family of six will be staying in Sorrento June 29th-July 6th. We are interested in guided trips of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Naples (late afternoon) and Paestum. We would also like to take a private boat trip or two to explore Capri and the Amalfi Coast. I have research many options for these trips, but am a little concerned about confirming anything and giving up flexibility once we arrive. I have four teenagers so moods can change from day to day. During this busy time of year is it necessary to have excursions prebooked or are there enough quality operators to give us the luxury of booking guides/activities once we arrive? Thank you

Posted by Ellen
Centennial, CO, USA
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When we were in Sorrento a few years ago we knew we wanted to see Pompei and Vesuvio. We simply found a travel agency in town and booked a tour for the next day. Easy/breezy. On another day we took a ferry from Sorrento to Amalfi and then to Atrani and walked the 1,000 stairs to Ravello...fun day and a pretty walk. We took the ferry back in the afternoon, but you could stay and enjoy dinner in Amalfi (just check the ferry schedule) We didn't book anything ahead of time, just walked to the ferry dock and bought tickets that day. If you visit an agency on the day you arrive, I'm sure they will offer you plenty of options of day tours....out to Capri, Pompei, etc. Should be fun! The travel agency we found was wonderful, good English and good tour. (but don't ask me the name of it....I don't have that info!

Posted by Lisa
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Thank you for the information. Was your visit during the summer season? This is my main concern although I have not read any comments about things being totally booked in this area as I have in other places. Even though there are a lot of tourists in the area, maybe there are even more tour guides? Regarding the hike to Ravello. I have read about this hike and it sounds interesting. Do you think it would be enjoyable enough for teenagers or would they be completely bored? My kids don't love hiking, but they certainly don't hate it given and interesting hike. Thanks, Lisa

Posted by Linda
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This local tour company has a range of guided tours. We took the Paestum tour two years ago and would recommend it. Paestum can be reached by public transport but it is not straightforward and involves several changes. Although costing more than DIY it will be hot when you are there and IMO an airconditioned bus with a guaranteed seat is not to be sniffed at. You can book at any of the travel agencies in town, we use the one in Piazza S Antonino which is a block from Piazza Tasso. http://www.goldentours.it/en/index.php There are several places in town to buy snacks/picnic stuff if you don't want to eat in the places they stop at for lunch.

Posted by Susan
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In 2006 and 2008 we took the ferry to Capri and rented a private boat. Their business name is "Banana Boat" and they are docked in the water near the ferry dock. They don't take reservations, you just walk up, sign a simple contract and give cc info if I remember correctly. The price was appx $25-30/hr which we thought was very reasonable. They were very nice "speed" boats, seating for appx 10, a canopy, storage areas. We "drove" the boat ourselves around Capri stopping wherever we wanted to swim. The boats have an anchor and a ladder. It was lots of fun!

Posted by Lisa
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Susan - When you say you drove the boat around Capri yourself, did you not have a guide onboard? My husband is a very good boat driver, but I would be concerned about not knowing where to go and not to go. Was this an issue or is it pretty obvious? I have heard of others also mentioning that they rented and drove their own boat around Capri. How much time did you actually spend on Capri? I have heard that you need to take the early ferry and the last ferry from Sorrento to have enough time to explore the island. Others use 2-3 hours on the island and the rest of the time on the water. I realize each person is different, but wondering if a couple of hours on the island is enough for teenagers? Thanks,