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Euros vs Dollars + Credit Cards

I have a vague memory of a recommendation around a best practice for conversion to US dollars from Euros. Should I use euros when using my CC or select use US dollars?


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Select Euros and let the network do the conversion. That will be your best exchange rate. if you opt for USD, you are getting the exchange rate that the Italian bank chooses, and it will not be to your benefit.

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Use Euros , you are more likely to get a better exchange rate when your bank does the conversion

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I always take about $500 when we travel for emergencies. However, I use my credit cards instead of cash for spending. I don't usually buy the currency in the USA, since the exchange rates are better using ATMs once you arrive. Frequently, I return from the trip with most of the $500.

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Also make sure the clerks know you want to pay in Euros. A couple of days ago I checked into a hotel and the clerk put the little card machine in front of me, I put my credit there for tap and pay, but then there was an option for paying $ or €. I was planning to hit the Euro tab but the clerk said, "Oh, just hit this" and punched the dollar tab.

I was annoyed and asked her to cancel it and ring it up again, which she did. If it had only been a small amount, I wouldn't have cared, but it was $250+ and it makes a difference. And quite frankly, she shouldn't have touched the machine with my transaction.