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Euro Travelers Cheques

We've been given travelers cheques in 50 Euro denominations. How easy is it to use these in Italy? Should our first stop be a bank to cash them? Will restaurants, shops, museums accept them?

Susan M.

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Susan, checks aren't a very common form of payment in Europe anymore. Last time I've really seen one was probably 10 to 15 years ago. And that sign in shopping windows or doors saying "Amex Travellers Cheques Welcome" also seems long gone. If I were you I'd cash €200 every two to three days in a bank. Stolen travelers checks can be replaced, stolen cash can't. That's why I suggest cashing them in in portions...

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We were told on our last trip that it's very costly for them (shopowners, merchants etc)to cash them.

If they are American Express I'd go there to cash them for free and use the Cash over the checks.

To cash them at a bank there will be fees I'm sure.

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Travelers Cheques are a thing of the past. Leave them at home. The best way to get euro is at an ATM. Going to a bank in Italy is a long process with long queues.