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Eurail Eastern Europe

We’re trying to get to Budapest, Prague, Vienna, and Croatia. Montenegro and Slovenia are options. Any suggestions for where to fly to etc?

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Hello meredith.machen, and welcome to the forum!

You've posted this general question in the board dedicated specifically to Italy. I think you may have better luck somewhere else unless you're asking specifically about travel from Italy to Prague or Budapest. You might think about checking for a more appropriate location for your post so you receive the best answers.

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Are you looking for trains or flights?
If flights use Google flights
If trains use

Eurail? That is a rail pass not a train line

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Welcome to the forum. You can, of course,fly to any of those places, although some may require connecting flights. As mentioned, use Google Flights to see your options, but book flights directly with the airline.

Trains are also possible, although you would need something more specific than just Montenegro or Slovenia. Buses are also an option on some routes. To learn about European trains, visit the Man in Seat 61 website.

Generally you would book train tickets with the train company operating in your departure city. Eurail is NOT a train company. They are a 3rd party reseller who sell train passes which may or may not be less expensive than buying a ticket from the train companies. You need to do your own math, and add in any extra reservation fees to the price of any Eurail pass you may be considering.

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My husband has limited mobility because of foot problems, so we want to travel by train and are thinking of getting a global pass so we can go from country to country without driving. Any suggestions for itineraries are appreciated.
(This from the OP's 'bio' info)

How many days are you planning for your trip? Trying to suggest an itinerary without knowing the available time is somewhere between difficult and impossible.

What are the 'must see' places and what are the 'can we do these as well' in the time you have?.

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Most visitors to Croatia and Montenegro end up using buses at least part of the time. Rail coverage is incomplete, and it can be very slow, at least in Montenegro.