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EU261 during Coronovirus?

My flight from Milan to Amsterdam has been cancelled by EasyJet thanks to the virus. They have offered a refund, but that is only one leg of my trip and the cancellation is going to potentially cause major expense. Will my situation qualify for compensation under EU 261?

Sorry if this has been addressed previously; if it was,I didn’t find it.

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Only the ECJ can give a definitive answer. But my guess is no as the virus can be considered an extraordinary circumstance.

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When was your flight to begin with? EU-d.261 on air travel passenger rights doesn't apply for trips far in advance.

During the Eyjafjallajökull eruptions in 2010, which severely disrupted air travel, companies were not required to provide compensation beyond refunding the value of the ticket.

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Compensation doesn't apply for cancellations far enough in advance. But other aspects, such as re-routing, might. This is the EU guide:

As others have suggested, coronavirus might count as an exceptional factor outside the airlines control. If that is ever tested in the ECJ, a decision could be a long time away, so I wouldn't rely on it for making short-term plans to get home.