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EU Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF)

I am traveling to Italy in 3 days and need to complete the EU Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF) . I have made it to the Declarations page and and stuck on the last few questions and unfortunately there is no online help. After "Quarantine information" the questions are "Are you in any of the exemptions provided it art. 51 of the DPCM of 02/03/21. I am a us citizen living in the US and i do not see what if any exemption I would fall under. I do not have an Exemption issued by the Italian Ministry of Health. If I answer no to both of these questions it asks me for quarantine information, where I will quarantine etc. I am sure I am missing something to get past this last step. can anyone help?

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Hi dbmarcan. I travelled to Italy in late July/early August, and I don’t see these questions on my dPLF. I just tried to look it up online, and I’m not seeing them there. Is it possible that you are filling in the old form that was replaced by the dPLF?

I certainly don’t mean to steer you the wrong way. I’m trying to think if the process could have changed since I went (and maybe I’m now looking at the wrong form)? How did you get to the EU dPLF?

Here’s the link I just used to check against my form.

Good luck!

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Thank you Marquette. That is the link that I have which the airlines provided me. I should be exempt from quarantine but I just don't see my correct answer to the question to get me past this. Thanks for the reply. I have two days I should be able to figure it out. Grazie

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Maybe you're already seen this as well, but here is a link to the "User Manual" for the EU dPLF:

I'm still not seeing the quarantine information that you're referring to in your question, but short of creating a new dPLF myself, I can't get far enough into the form to get to your question (I just don't see it in the user manual). Sorry if I'm "helping" with information you already have. :)

I will tell you that no one ever asked for our EU dPLF, and no one asked for anyone else's in our party either. I would certainly still want to fill it out to the best of my ability, but that was our experience. It caused us a fair bit of angst before we went, because we were unsure of how to answer a few questions: we landed in Venice, spent a week on a boat (where there was no "address"), and ended in Rome... which location did they want? Etc...? In the end, it just wasn't a big deal. I know that's really no help to you now, as you want to (and should) fill out the form correctly.

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Hubby and I arrived in Rome today. I had the form all ready to show it to “someone”. No one ever asked to see it. Flew Delta. Orlando to JFK to Rome