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Italy - Updated Restrictions as of August 6, 2021

We received multiple notes from partners in Italy today regarding upcoming travel restrictions. Here is an example of one sent by
the Walks Inside Rome Team

To our friends around the world, Here is all the latest travel
information you need to plan your return to Italy. We are glad to see
Rome returning to normal, and are ready to safely welcome you back as
soon as possible.

All passengers arriving in Italy are required to fill out an EU
Digital Passenger Locator Form. (Click here to open).

From August 6th, proof of at least one dose of vaccine, recovery from
Covid in the last 6 months, or a negative result from a test taken
within 48 hours will be required for people aged 12 and above to dine
indoors in restaurants, enter museums and archaeological sites, and
access other indoor event spaces.

Visitors from the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and Israel will be able to
the documents issued by their respective authorities in
lieu of the Italian Green Pass. The document must both state the
identity of the holder and the date and type of vaccine administered.
An ID document will also be required to verify the holder’s identity.

Certificates will be accepted in one of the following four languages:
English, Italian, French, or Spanish. Any certificate not in one of
these must be accompanied by a certified translation.

The certification of successful completion of the vaccination cycle
must relate to one of the four vaccines approved by the European
Medicines Agency: Comirnaty from Pfizer–BioNTech, Moderna, Vaxzevria,
Jansen (Johnson & Johnson).

You can keep up to date with the latest official information by
visiting the website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
International Cooperation

We're verifying this info... as we're headed to Rome in mid-September. (Things will probably change by then!)

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I believe the "new" part of this is the CDC card from the US, or similar from other countries, being accepted in lieu of the Italian "Green Pass" to be able to enter museums and dine in restaurants.

What is mentioned here jives with other sources...and yeah, we have plans for Italy in September as well, and expect things to change.

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Perhaps everyone else knows this, but I'm having trouble finding out what happens if we test positive (i.e., catch COVID) while we're in Italy. Obviously we can't return to the US as long as we test positive -- so we presumably have to quarantine. If one doesn't own a home in Italy (we wish!), where and how can one quarantine? Is a hotel okay? Are there ways to get food?

Also, I can find numbers about Italy's cases but not whether numbers are rising or falling. Does anybody know where that information is available?

THANKS from a probably over-anxious person who still hopes to go to Italy in October!

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In regards to testing positive, I can't point to any policy, but from what I have pieced together, when you do your test, they actually hold your passport until the results are in. So far all that have reported have tested negative, so I have not seen any real experiences with a positive test. There are also self test kits you can buy, not sure how they work for reporting.

In the event of a positive test, it would be of value to try to get a repeat test (eliminate a false positive).

From comments I have seen, if you are positive, you would quarantine in your current hotel for a period until you test clean. The hotel would arrange any food delivery.

I suppose the hidden message there is to make sure your last hotel is affordable, and nice enough you could stay there for a week or ten days.

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4.25 million people not available for comment

(The comment that this is in response to has been removed, thank you moderators)

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Good for Italy stating exactly what they will accept and confirming that they WILL accept CDC cards, before the requirement goes into effect.

Unlike some OTHER neighboring governments I could name (harumph).

FYI, my husband took the train from Paris to Turin yesterday to go visit his mom - no one checked anywhere for his Digital Covid Pass, his PLF, anything.