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email inquiry from USA to Italy hotels: need suffix?

For a March 1-17 first-time trip to Italy, I hope to contact various hotels directly for various reservations March 9-16, but when I sent a Gmail inquiry to one Rome hotel*, using the hotel's website email link [[email protected]], a day later I got a server auto-reply "Could not initiate SMTP conversation with any hosts". My question: should I be adding (or replacing) ".it" somewhere before or after ".com" ..for this or any/all email inquires to Italy?

*this is a hotel for which I already have March1-8 reservations through a 'vacation club' membership ..I wanted to double-check that I'm 'booked'. Or could it be that the e-address is just for some generic Italian hotel website developer, and not to the front desk of the specific hotel?

As I recall, the hotel website was 'translated' from Italian by my browser ..but I doubt that would affect the display of the hotel email contact?

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If the website doesn't have the .it at the end, then you don't need it. Perhaps their server was just down. I say try again tomorrow.

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Michael's probably right. But double check the site in Italian just to make sure nothing was "translated." And there are several reasons why it would come back with "Could not initiate SMTP conversation with any hosts," including "connection timed out", "Destination address required", "connection refused", and others. If it happens again, take note of the 'reason' it lists after the initial "Could not initiate..." message.