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Flying to Tuscany next week. I ordered electrical adapters from Amazon for Italy. They're 3-prong, marked "Type L." Also got Rick's latest book and he says you need 2-prong adapters. Will they work? Thanks for in advance for your replies.

Posted by shirley
Toronto, Canada
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Hold onto that three prong adapter! Sometimes you need them in Italy - some outlets are two prong and some are three prong. The two prong will not fit into a three prong as they are spaced differently. I carry both types to Italy. I've had to buy them over there when I've forgotten.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Joe, The Type "L" Plug Adaptors that you have are designed for use in Italy with grounded appliances (the centre pin is the ground), but should work just fine with non-grounded devices. I'd also suggest packing along a couple of the two-pin Euro Plug Adapters, as shown on this website: www.magellans.com/magellan-s-european-style-adaptor-plug Are you travelling in any other countries in Europe? The Type L Plug Adaptors will only work in Italy, while the two-pin Adaptors liste above will work in most places in Europe, except for the U.K. which requires a different model. It would be a good idea to check each of the appliances you'll be travelling with to ensure that they're designed for multi-voltage operation. Check the Chargers or the appliance for the words Input Voltage. If these state "Input 100-240 VAC ~50/60 Hz" then the device will only require Plug Adaptors and not a Voltage Convertor. Happy travels!

Posted by Joe
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
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Thanks for the replies. Luckily, my only destination is Italy. I'll pick up some 2-prong adapters.

Posted by Jake
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I'm in italy now an the two prong will typically fit in a three hole outlet

Posted by Robert
Tampa, FL, USA
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Another idea is this dual voltage small extension cord. Ken also recommended this to me with the 3 prong adapter. With this cord you need that adapter and also still need to use dual voltage items. Your single voltage us device won't work there even though you see the American style plug on this. Also nice is it has a jab connection too for your phone. It is small and compact. Doesn't take up much room in your bag. http://www.magellans.com/dualvoltage-power-strip