electric converter for Sweden

I am traveling to Sweden this summer. Do I need an electrical converter for charging my Iphone and Nook? If so what kind should I look for. Thank you. Joan Kunkel

Posted by Tom
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You don't need a converter for a Nook or an IPhone - just a plug adapter. Click on the Travel Store tab above and go the accessories section.

Posted by Joan
Amherst, NH, usa
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Do you think that would also work for a hair dryer?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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You posted in the wrong section (this is for Italy) but in any case, they use the same. Sweden uses Euro plug type C and F. Basically like the rest of continental EU. The current is 220 volts. That is twice as strong as in the US. For any small appliances, some new versions have been built with dual voltage capability. New electronics (computers, phones) are virtually all dual voltage, therefore you just need a EU plug adapter with two round prongs. For the dryer You should check the label near the power cord. If it says 100-240V and 50-60Hz it can handle the higher EU voltage and all you need is the adapter. If not you need a step down transformer (aka converter). Since good converters are bulky and a little heavy, you are better off buying a dual voltage dryer, or better yet, buy it there. I've heard of dual voltage dryers bought in the US that didn't really work and burned still. Quality counts I guess. Don't play with European electricity. 220 volts in your body is going to hurt if not worse.

Posted by Rose
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In addition to making sure that your hair dryer can handle the higher voltage (by reading the tiny print on the block near the plug end), many hair dryers have a little switch that you have to move or turn to change the setting from 110 to 220. Look for this on the actual plastic handle of the appliance and switch it before leaving home. Jet lag, fatigue, and unfamiliar surroundings contribute to forgetting things like this after you arrive. European plug adaptors are on special for $1.00 each in the RS Travel Store (as mentioned above), plus shipping. Or pick one up in a travel shop in your area. Sports shops like REI carry them too, and even some hardware shops and discount drugstores like RiteAid, CVS, Walgreens, etc. I found one recently in the 'Travel Size' section at RiteAid.