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Egypt, Cario Memphis Nile Cruise

I am leaving soon, what should I be aware of? My passport was stolen in Barcelona (my fault) now I am anxious about where to keep it, those neck things look as though they cut off easily. Why not just a small leather purse afix to my waist but visible.

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Bonnie, I am planning an independent trip to Egypt for next October. Which cruise line are you using? I agree about the neck straps...IF they're visible (and its hard to wear things in a hot climate, with women's clothing, that don't show the neck strap a little)they could be a target. I think I'm going to try pinning the kind of wallet my husband carries (with a loop that goes around his belt and is worn under his waist band) into the inside of my pants (since I don't usually wear a belt.)Another thought I had is to drop my white cotton neck money belt into some flesh-tone colored Rit it looks less obnoxious and obvious when showing at my neck.It's hard to imagine that someone would try to grab a leather purse that is firmly attached to your waist. But anything visible could be subject to fast fingers.Will you be in a group most of the time? If so, you'll probably be safe. I've heard women traveling alone in Muslim countries are harassed a lot. Have a great trip!

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Ladies, it's hot in Egypt and the strap on the neck pouches will undoubtedly chafe. And I don't think any type of visible purse, affixed to waist or not, is safe. I'd wear a money belt.

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I was in Egypt in October 2005, and was pleasantly surprised to learn there's very little crime. Even pickpocketing is unusual. You're much more likely to be duped into paying far too much for a souvenier than having your passport stolen. Take sensible precautions, but no need to be anxious. Also, an Egyptian pound or two is an adequate tip in most instances - half to one is about right for the toilet. Five Egyptian pounds (about a dollar) is generous, even in nice places. Don't let anyone trick you into thinking big tips are the norm.