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Eating between train stations

I will be arriving in Rome's main airport at 7:30AM and need to catch the train to Venice by 10:45A. Where can I grab a decent meal/food for breakfast and carry out lunch for the ride?

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There are lots of places to grab a bite to eat at Rome's Termini Station: Chef Express, a pizza by the slice place and even a McDonalds.

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You'll go from the airport to Termini station, then to Venice. At the Termini station will be many food choices.

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There is also a grocery store in the shopping area adjoining the termini. If I remember correctly, it is on the lower level.

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4555 posts're's at the far end of the lower floor of the mall, taking up the entire space between the two mall walkways. I believe there's an exit up to Via Marsala there.

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This is wonderful news! Thank you all for your responses!

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Hi Lynn I was in Rome last year and stayed at a hostel near the train station so I eat there a couple times.

There is a grocery store in the basement (the level under the trains) it has a lot of pre-made stuff you can take on a train with you. If your facing the macdonalds which is on the same level as the trains turn right you'll see a large open exit head toward that and down the escalators right there at the bottom is the grocery store.

There are also other places to eat, as mentioned a mcdonalds, facing the macdonalds and turning right as you go down there are two more cafe style places, but I think they only serve gelto and coffee.

There is a cafeteria style place upstairs, if you head straight to the main exit there are excaltors that take you up.