Easy jet from Rome to Palermo

Is Easy Jet reliable as far as flights from Rome to Palermo, Sicily? I am finding that my best bet is to land in Rome and then take an Easy Jet to Palermo rather than to fly directly to Palermo. prices are already going up for a flight to Palermo. thanks in advance.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Mary, I've always found EasyJet to be "reliable" and it's my preferred airline for budget flights in Europe. I took two flights with EasyJet, this year, including one from Rome to Palermo and the experience was "easy". The flights depart from Terminal 2 at FCO, and if nothing has changed that will involve taking a Bus from the departure gate to the aircraft and then climbing stairs. I found that they boarded both at the front and back of the plane simultaneously, to "speed up" the process. As others have mentioned, it's important to pay attention to the weight limits for checked luggage. If you think your luggage will be over their allowable limit, it's better to pay for the excess weight at the time of booking. If you pay at the gate, it will be more expensive. Also as noted previously, they usually only allow ONE carry-on item per person. That doesn't mean "one plus a personal item such as a Purse or Laptop case", it means ONE ITEM ONLY of the approved size. If they have to check an oversize bag at the gate, I believe there's an extra charge for that. In my experience, the agents usually check the carry-on size, and I've seen some fierce arguments ensue over that issue, including one where the Pilot had to intervene - he told the passenger "I decide what travels on this flight, and that bag is not acceptable". I went ahead and boarded the flight, so never did see how that situation was resolved. BTW, that incident occurred in Rome. Happy travels!

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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If you are landing in Rome on an international flight and then transferring to an EasyJet flight to Palermo that same day, be sure to allow enough time for this. If you miss your EasyJet flight, there is no refund, and you will have to a) find a flight at the last minute with space available and b) pay last minute prices for that new ticket.

Posted by SamSn
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
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I'm not a big fan of Easyjet but have flown them when the price made it too hard to turn down. Check out Meridiana and Blu Express for fares to Palermo as well. Be sure to check the baggage limits and extras before booking.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Most U.S. citizens are unaware of the European budget airlines so its not unexpected that you would ask this question. The budget airlines in Europe (i.e. EasyJet, Vueling, Air Berlin and others) are quite popular and are very reliable. The earlier you book, the lower the fare. As you get closer to your travel date, the fares rise. The budget airlines do nickel and dime you for several items especially oversized and overweight luggage and carryon. Extra fees here and extra fees there. Just carefully read the travel conditions on their website. If you are comfortable with these conditions, EasyJet is a very fine choice.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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I have used Easyjet and found it was fine, no different then any other airline, yes, you are only allowed ONE carry on( not one plus a purse) but I knew that and had no problem with it for the price I paid. I have also used Vueling and it was fine too.

Posted by Linda
Bromley, Kent,, UK
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The thing about easyJet is that there is no weight limit for carry-on (strict size limit though) but you must be able to lift it into the overhead lockers yourself.

Posted by courtney
London, UK
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Hi, I fly with easy jet quite frequently. They are reliable and a no frills airline. However coming over from the USA if you have lots of luggage then they can charge you more money.. In regards to luggage they say Each passenger who pays for a hold bag can take up to 20kg of luggage. This weight allowance applies to the passenger rather than to the bag so purchasing extra bags is possible but will not increase the weight allowance. If you think you'll need to take a little bit more with you, you can buy some extra weight – it's best to do this online before you fly as the online charges are considerably cheaper than at the airport. To keep our fares low, be able to board the plane as quickly as possible and ensure your comfort onboard, if you bring more than one piece of hand baggage we'll check the extra into the hold. We'll need to charge you for this – at check-in this fee is £25 due to higher handling costs at the airport if you don't buy the bag online and at the boarding gate this increases to £40 to ensure that we can bring you to your destination on time.