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Easy Jet airline

we are going to be flying from london to florence and were considering using Easy Jet which uses primarily Airbus carriers, which I'm not thrilled about. Their prices are great...what about the carrier? Any other suggestions?


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What's the problem with Airbus planes? Any difference between the Airbus which Easyjet and many other airlines fly and the Boeing 737 is minimal. Easyjet planes are new, much newer than the planes flown by most U.S. airlines, and they have a good safety record. Most of the comments on refer to how clean and fresh the Easyjet planes are, and that is my own experience.

There are lots of postings here on European low-cost airlines. There are usually baggage limitations, so check the final cost and the rules and regulations before the final click. Arrive in good time - if you are late, you will miss the flight. You will have to pay for drinks and food on the flight, and there is no entertainment. The flights are short, and seats cannot be booked. They are good value, but you get what you pay for.

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I guess I am a little confused on the Airbus thing as well. I work in the Aerospace industry and care little, other than curiosity, what plane I am flying. With any of the budgets, just keep in mind baggage restrictions and you will be fine. Also, not sure of your itinerary, but if the plan was to fly into London, then transfer to Easyjet to Florence, rethink your plans. They would probably be different airports and a delay by one means forfeiting your ticket on the other.

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Susan, are you flying to Florence or another airport like Pisa? And what airport are you departing from in London? With EasyJet, make sure that you include the additional transportation costs to and from the city if you are flying in or out of one of the more remote airports.

What are your concerns about airbus?

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I recently flew Easyjet from Paris to Milan and thought they were great!

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I agree with BG. We recently flew on Easy Jet from Milan to Paris and everything went smoothly. I would use them again.

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I agree on Airbus, I trust almost implicitly any aircraft made by Airbus, Boeing, Canadair, Bombardier or Avro (the last three make regional jets often used on short routes in the US). Easyjet is a good airline, but as with other low-cost carriers in Europe, be prepared to pay for anything on board, unlike in the US. For example, if you want a drink, even soda, it'll cost ya, although the prices are reasonable.

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I used EasyJet earlier this year and they were great!

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flew easy jet 3 times last year and can't say enough. Flights were all on time, aircraft new and clean. All the employees I encountered were friendly and helpful.

Did have to pay a baggage charge going rome to london, but it was my fault bought to much and they even let me carry on my huge backpack no other airline would let me.

I highly recommend them, and will be booking again for a trip in April.

Just double check their baggage limits, most people complain about them but thats how they keep their flight prices so low.

Also good to know that check in closes promtly 30 mins before the flight takes off if your there 29 mins they will not let you board, also their boarding goes by a letter, the earlier you get to the airport the better the letter the sooner you can board.