Easter Monday in Tuscany

We'll be in Florence for Easter and the week after. We were thinking of going to Sienna on Easter Monday as Florences museums will probably be crowded. Do you think Sienna's shops, restaurants and museums will be open. Does anyone know of a good place to eat. Or would going to Orvieto to see the cheese rolling or Pisa be a better option to go to that day?

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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On Easter Monday most museums in Florence will not be crowded at all, simply because they will be closed. The same is probably true for many museums in other cities. Easter Monday is a day when Italians go out for a "gita fuori porta" (trip outside of the City gates) therefore you'll probably find sufficient restaurants and even shops that are open in the tourist areas (restaurants for sure). Be ready for some traffic on the way back from Siena in the evening. Basically from the Tavarnelle exit on the Autopalio all the way to the Certosa at Galluzzo, it will be bumper to bumper.