Easter in Venice or Rome 2013

Planning our trip to Italy for this year and was hoping to get some advice. Easter this year falls on 3/31 and I am a little concerned about sites, museums, and shops being opened. Our plan is to fly into Rome, then train to Florence, then Venice. Our dates are not nailed down yet, but we would either be in Rome on Easter Sun and Mon or in Venice on Easter Sun and Mon. Would Rome be a better city to be in on Easter or is Venice the best choice. Any advice would be great. Possible itinerary: Easter in Rome Arrive in Rome 3/30 - 4/2 Florence 4/2-4/3 Venice 4/3-4/7 or Possible itinerary: Easter in Venice Arrive in Rome 3/23-3/26 Florence 3/26-3/27
Venice 3/27-4/2 Again, no dates are set in stone, but definitely trying to nail them down in the next couple of days. Thank you everyone!

Posted by donna
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I was in Rome last year for Easter and loved it! DO make dinner reservations for both Easter Sunday and Monday through your hotel or on line because a lot of restaurants will be closed! Easter is a Huge Holiday in Italy, ALL of Italy's major museums will probably be closed all day Sunday and Monday, since "Easter Monday" will also be a Holiday. Rome is absolutely beautiful at Easter, and if you're a Rom. Catholid, I'd suggest trying to get tickets to Easter Mass. You can do this through your local parish. I was there along with another hundred thousand people, and it was majestic! Last year it was unbelievably cold and rainy during Easter, but I was told this is unusual. Your time in Italy is very short, and since it will probably be pretty chilly, I'd take Venice completely off the itinerary and just do Florence and Rome. You lose at least a half day every time you change cities, by the time you check out of your hotel, taxi to train, ride train, taxi to next hotel, etc., and this will eat up too much of your trip. Make sure you make reservations for ALL of the sites you want to see, especially the Borghese Museum in Rome and Ufuzzi in Florence, as this is a very busy tourism week in all of Italy. I loved and truly enjoyed Easter in Italy, despite the unusual weather, and also enjoyed Florence -- but be prepared, and make reservations!! All of the websites for major sites are in the RS Italy book, and I'd make those reservations 3-4 months in advance! PS! NO trouble with crowded trains or anything like that and we left Rome for Florence on Easter Monday. Had a reservation at Il Latini for Easter Monday dinner, and it was a good thing we did!

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Thanks so much Donna. You really put my mind at ease. I will be sure to make the necessary reservations for dinner and the museums. I appreciate the advice!