Easter in Italy

I know that some older threads have discussed traveling in Italy during Easter week. But Easter has just passed, and I have some pointed questions on which hopefully those who have recently been in Italy during Easter can offer guidance.

I have traveled before to Europe, but not Italy. For an anniversary trip, I am considering a trip to Italy in spring 2011, perhaps with a cruise as part of the trip. My questions:

  1. For those who have traveled through Italy during Easter, would you recommend a visit during Easter week and on Easter Monday? I suspect there is a trade-off between the cultural experience of being in Italy for Easter, and the crowds and closed museums on the other. Your thoughts.

  2. What places in Italy are especially good or bad for travel during the Good Friday through Easter Monday period?

  3. During the Good Friday through Easter Monday, how many places are closed? Restaurants? Museums? Public transportation?

  4. And during this period, just how much more expensive is Italy?

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