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Early September Honeymoon Recommendations to pair with the coast of Italy

*I apologize for the long post but I'm just trying to give some detailed info that may help you make a suggestion that would fit best for us.

Hello! My husband and I got married in February and are finally able to get around to planning and taking our honeymoon! We are planning to go to Europe for 10 days at the end of August/beginning of September. We have traveled to Europe before (Paris, Florence, Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Munich). We are looking for something that is relaxing (not go go go 24/7 like our previous trips) but we do need a little bit of action and sight seeing because I would be bored laying on a beach for 10 days, haha.

The one place we for sure want to go is the coast of Italy. We loved Florence and just Italy in general so much when we visited and both love beaches/water so the Amalfi coast is a must for us. However, we don't want to stay there the entire time as we do like to travel around while in Europe since its much cheaper than traveling in the US, so we are looking for a 2nd option to add to our trip. Our ideas are below, in no particular order. I would love advice on what would be the best option to add to the Amalfi coast.

  1. Paris- we have been before but it truly is my favorite place in the world and such a romantic place for a honeymoon. Would also give us a good contrast to the the Amalfi coast with it being a city. We were only there for 3 days last time so there are lots things we didn't get a chance to see or do. I had planned on going for my 30th birthday next May, but we plan on starting a family soon after the honeymoon, so that may not happen. Wondering if this is the best opportunity to get it in but I'm also torn about wanting to see new places.
  2. Greece- not sure which island. Like I said we love beaches and being on the water. Greece is obviously so beautiful.
  3. Switzerland-not sure which city and honestly don't know too much about Switzerland. It does look super beautiful though and I feel like it could be be both relaxing and have activities if we choose to do that.
  4. Finally, we have also talked about staying in Italy the entire 10 days but doing Lake Como/northern Italy for half the trip and the coast for the other half.

Other suggestions are also welcome! Thanks in advance!

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I would consider that you needn't lie on the beach or "dolce vita" the whole time just because you are at the coast. I love a ten-day itinerary for the Amalfi coast area because you can do the coast, you can visit islands (Capri, Ischia, and Procida), and you can visit exciting Naples, which is full of history and culture. Plus you have Pompeii, Ercolano, and other minor sites, and just to the south of Salerno you have amazing Greek temples at Paestum. That's my pitch for an all-Italy trip. I feel like five days is almost too brief, so I'd hesitate to pair the south with the north.
A glaring omission is Rome, which would also make great sense for pairing with the AC. Is there some reason you didn't mention it?
I think Paris would work, and you certainly make the case for it, but the flight logistics would make the determination for me--I hate to waste one second traveling when on a vacation.
Save Greece for an anniversary trip.
Congrats--and try to push it into mid September if at all possible!

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Valadelphia has made a good case for making your city stop Rome. With a vacation of only 10 days, do you really want to "waste" most of a day just getting to your new location? We once spent a full week on the AC and still didn't get to see everything. It's only a laid back beach kind of place if you choose to to do only that.

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I would always vote for Switzerland. The Alps have a mystical beauty, and September would be a great time of year for that area. We did our third Swiss trip Sept, 2021. It is an expensive country, but the beauty is mind-boggling. Switzerland is like Disneyland for adults, with the gondolas, cogwheel trains, and funiculars taking you to the tops of spectacular peaks.

My second suggestion is our covid-canceled trip, which will hopefully happen next spring;
Lake Como, Venice, and [then a flight into Naples for] the Amalfi Coast. I'm very excited about this adventure. Been to Lake Como and Venice before, but can't get enough; Amalfi will be new for us.

Safe and wonderful travels whatever you do!

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10 days is not long
We spent 9 nights in Sorrento/Amalfi area and easily filled our time.

Looks like you’ve never been to Rome?
If you have 10 nights give Amalfi 6-7 and the rest to Rome

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How about Venice combined with the Amalfi Coast? Talk about magical. You could fly into Venice and out of Naples.