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Early flight from Naples -- hotel choice

I have an early (6 am) departure from Naples airport -- for our last night does it make sense to choose a hotel close to there, or is the airport close enough to town to go with any of the RS-recommended Naples accomodations? Also, as with all major cities, I suspect getting an early-morning taxi to the airport is fairly straightforward in Naples?

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For that early a departure, I would definitely stay at a hotel in or near the airport. Remember you have to get there about 2 hours before the flight leaves.

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We were in a similar position a few years ago. There are no airport hotels. We stayed in a hotel near the Castel dell’Ovo (egg castle) and our hotel arranged for a taxi. I don’t think you need to be at the airport two hours early. It is small and we certainly were not.

I will warn you, however, that stopping for red lights appears to be optional for taxi drivers in the early morning. It was a fast but harrowing drive.

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We were in the same situation a couple years ago and found the Stelle Hotel
the Businet on was great-price was great-nice little restaurant on site-
right next to the train station in Naples-Hotel called for our taxi and we were at the airport
in 10 minutes. Kind off a seedy area but all we did did was dinner and early to bed.

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Will you be in Naples, not coming from an outlying village? If you are in thr core of the city I see no need to move to an airport hotel. It’s a waste of time and robs you of your last night in a presumably enjoyable place, all for what, an extra 30 minutes of sleep? Airport hotels are BORING and mean your last evening is spent moving not out walking and enjoying. Not worth it. The airport is under 15 minutes away, especially at that hour with no traffic.

I would talk to the hotel to arrange a cab. Just in case, so it is waiting for you.

Do look at what time the airport opens. For very early flights check in desks and security might not open until an hour or even less before the first flight leaves. So getting there before that is not helpful.

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The airport is close by. Stay in the city. Your hotel will call a taxi for you.