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duty on wine

We would like to bring several bottles of Prosecco back to the states in our checked luggage. Is there a limit and what is the duty on wine?

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You can bring back a litre of alcohol each, duty-free. More can be brought in at a three per cent duty plus whatever the IRS charges....and that differs from brand to brand. Details of what you can bring back can be found at the U-S customs website at

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There really is no limit imposed by the Federal Government, you just need to declare and possibly pay duty on anything over the 1 liter. Your State may have restrictions, and those are enforcable by US Customs if your Destination is in the same State as your Port of Entry. These range from no alcohol allowed to no limit, so check. California does allow alcohol to be brought in as checked luggage (but not shipped in) In regards to duties, I have always (well, almost) declared my alcohol, including one time four cases were brought back (pre-weight restriction days) and have never had to pay duty. If it appears it is not worth the effort (too few dollars) they seem to overlook it. Many people are tempted to hide it, and nearly all get away with it, but...