Dubrovnick to Italy

This is my first time in Italy and Croatia. I wanted to know the best way to get to Italy...Venice or Florence(does not matter) I would love some suggestions. We are healthy in shape family of four. Girl 13 boy 15 and us well 40 ish! Thanks and Cheers

Posted by Stephen
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I believe that there is a ferry between Dubrovnik and Venice, but it is a very long ride. The best option is to fly. Try skyscanner.net for flights and prices.

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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From Dubrovnik, the most common Ferry route is to Bari, Italy. There may be others that go to Venice or other ports, but they would be infrequent and likely require stops or a transfer in Northern Croatia, maybe Rovinj. Flying is an option, but there also seem to be few direct flights from Dubrovnik, but worth looking for. The most tried and true option would be to take the ferry to Bari, then work North. Not sure of the rest of your itinerary, but from Bari both Naples and Rome are an easy train ride, Florence not much further. The other option would be to work north in Croatia and take the Venice Ferry from Rovinj or Pula.

Posted by Angela
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Easiest/fastest bet is probably to fly direct from Dubrovnik to Rome, then catch the train to Florence. We have done this in reverse. Check out Croatia Airlines for flights.

Posted by barbara
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I just booked Dubrovnik to Rome flight. Ideally, I wanted to go Dubrovnik to Venice, but the flights were few and expensive( and went to other countries before Italy!) The ferry to Bari was an option, but then, for my time frame, the train ride would have taken to much time. Easy jet has a quick and cheap flight to Rome. Train to Florence is easy enough after that flight.